Every possible 5-faction 3-color set

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(With even representation of colors.)

Sultai, Mardu, Bant, Grixis, Naya
Sultai, Mardu, Bant, Jund, Jeskai
Sultai, Mardu, Esper, Temur, Naya
Sultai, Mardu, Abzan, Jeskai, Temur
Sultai, Esper, Jund, Jeskai, Naya
Sultai, Grixis, Abzan, Jeskai, Naya
Mardu, Bant, Esper, Jund, Temur
Mardu, Bant, Grixis, Abzan, Temur
Bant, Esper, Grixis, Jund, Naya
Bant, Grixis, Abzan, Jund, Jeskai
Esper, Grixis, Abzan, Temur, Naya
Esper, Abzan, Jund, Jeskai, Temur


Sultai = 'UBG'
Mardu = 'WBR'
Bant = 'WUG'
Esper = 'WUB'
Grixis = 'UBR'
Abzan = 'WBG'
Jund = 'RBG'
Jeskai = 'WUR'
Temur = 'UGR'
Naya = 'WRG'

from itertools import chain, combinations

def powerset(iterable):
    "powerset([1,2,3]) --> () (1,) (2,) (3,) (1,2) (1,3) (2,3) (1,2,3)"
    s = list(iterable)
    return chain.from_iterable(combinations(s, r) for r in range(len(s)+1))

sets = powerset([Sultai, Mardu, Bant, Esper, Grixis, Abzan, Jund, Jeskai, Temur, Naya])
for possible in sets:
	canonical = ''.join(sorted(''.join(possible)))
	if canonical == 'BBBGGGRRRUUUWWW':

I wanted these in text form because you can’t quickly search the images while drafting on MTGO.

Both these lists were written soon after the related Pro Tour so they may not be the best possible list they are based instead on a couple of weeks of intense drafting.

The SOI list is in tranches not a continuous list where each card is worse than the one before. The EMN list is more continuous.

Eldritch Moon


Best Rares/Mythics

Gisela, the Broken Blade
Docent of Perfection
Nibilis of Frost
Liliana, the Last Hope
Ishkanah, Graf Widow
Nahiri’s Wrath
Dark Salvation
Elder Deep-Fiend
Mirrorwing Dragon
Bruna, the Fading Light
Voldaren Pariah
Collective Effort
Wharf Infiltrator
Thalia, Heretic Cathar
Distended Mindbender

Best 3 Uncommons

Savage Alliance
Clear Shot

Rares/Mythics Slightly Worse Than the Best Uncommons

Collective Defiance
Hanweir Garrison
Decimator of the Provinces
Ulrich of the Krallenhorde

Expensive or Conditional Removal Uncommons

Somberwald Stag
Incendiary Flow
Smoldering Werewolf
Faith Unbroken
Ruthless Disposal

The Best 3 Commons and Cards of Similar Power Level

Selfless Spirit
Stromkirk Occultist
Choking Restraints
Galvanic Bombardment
Subjugator Angel
Haunted Dead
Blood Mist
Lone Rider
Weaver of Lightning
Thalia’s Lancers
Impetuous Devils
Sigardan Priest
Noosegraf Mob
Stitcher’s Graft
Noose Constrictor
Nebelgast Herald
Imprisoned in the Moon
Spirit of the Hunt
Kessig Prowler

Gold, or Expensive-Yet-High-Impact Rares

Heron’s Grace Champion
Spell Queller
Gisa and Geralf
Assembled Alphas
Bedlam Reveler

Excellent 3-Drops

Shrill Howler
Brazen Wolves
Ingenious Skaab
Grizzled Angler
Eternal Scourge
Boon of Emrakul
Foul Emissary
Geist of the Archives

More Expensive-Yet-High-Impact Cards

Collective Brutality
Courageous Outrider
Sanctifier of Souls
Geist-Fueled Scarecrow
Vexing Scuttler
Emrakul, the Promised End
Advanced Stitchwing
Wretched Gryff
Drownyard Behemoth
Ulvenwald Observer
Spreading Flames
Bloodhall Priest

Sweet 1-Drops and 2-Drops

Ulvenwald Captive
Hamlet Captain
Olivia’s Dragoon
Gnarlwood Dryad
Grim Flayer

Fine Uncommons and Rares

Emrakul’s Evangel
Conduit of Storms
Stromkirk Condemned
Lashweed Lurker
Mercurial Geists
Chilling Grasp
Ride Down

5-Cost Commons

Vildin-Pack Outcasts
Midnight Scavengers

The Best Combat Tricks and Mediocre Removal Spells

Alchemist’s Greeting
Borrowed Grace
Abandon Reason
Borrowed Hostility
Blessed Alliance
Prey Upon

Decent Cards

Tamiyo, Field Researcher
Ironclad Slayer
Identity Thief
Drag Under
Deranged Whelp
Tattered Haunter
Backwoods Survivalists
Tangleclaw Werewolf
Spectral Reserves
Gavony Unhallowed
Extricator of Sin
Grapple with the Past
Certain Death
Dawn Gryff
Guardian of Pilgrims
Furyblade Vampire
Falkenrath Reaver
Markov Crusader

Good Filler

Tree of Perdition
Abundant Maw
Scour the Laboratory
Spontaneous Mutation
Fiend Binder
It of the Horrid Swarm
Dusk Feaster
Steadfast Cathar
Exultant Cultist
Thraben Foulbloods
Desparate Sentry
Rise from the Grave
Geist of the Lonely Vigil
Liliana’s Elite
Faithbearer Paladin
Borrowed Malevolence
Lunarch Mantle
Enlightened Maniac
Curious Homunculus

Mediocre Filler

Cryptolith Fragment
Stensia Innkeeper
Repel the Abomindable
Mockery of Nature
Haneweir Battlements
Mausoleum Wanderer
Field Creeper
Graf Rats
Fortune’s Favor
Wailing Ghoul
Cemetery Recruitment
Primal Druid
Permeating Mass
Skirsdag Supplicant
Cultist’s Staff
Crop Sigil
Woodland Patrol
Laboratory Brute
Long Road Home
Wolfkin Bond
Weirded Vampire
Shreds of Sanity
Woodcutter’s Gift
Otherworldly Outburst
Make Mischief
Swift Spinner
Oath of Liliana
Lupine Prototype
Campaign of Vengeance
Waxing Moon

Sideboard and Nearly Unplayable

Geier Reach Sanitarium
Eldritch Evolution
Graf Harvest
Take Inventory
Crossroads Consecrator
Succumb to Temptation
Thraben Standard Bearer
Vampire Cutthroat
Thirsting Axe
Turn Aside
Ironwright’s Cleansing
Give No Ground
Summary Dismissal
Slayer’s Cleaver
Bold Impaler
Soul Separator
Strange Augmentation
Whispers of Emrakul
Springsage Ritual
Distemper of the Blood
Stensia Banquet
Prying Questions
Lunar Force
Cathar’s Shield
Prophetic Ravings
Nephalia Academy
Peace of Mind
Mind’s Dilation
Contingency Plan
Emrakul’s Influence
Splendid Reclamation
Coax from the Blind Eternities
Sigarda’s Aid
Deploy the Gatewatch
Harmless Offering

Shadows Over Innistrad


Uncommon and Rare Tier 1: Better Than All Commons and Uncommons

Elusive Tormentor
Mindwrack Demon
Geralf’s Masterpiece
Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
Seasons Past
Tireless Tracker
Archangel Avacyn
Always Watching
Bygone Bishop
Descend Upon the Sinful
Burn from Within
Arlinn Kord
Nahiri, the Harbinger
Olivia, Mobilized for War
Sigarda, Heron’s Grace
Sorin, Grim Nemesis
The Gitrog Monster
Westvale Abbey

Uncommon and Rare Tier 2: Worse Than Duskwatch Recruiter, Better Than Fiery Temper

Kindly Stranger
Accursed Witch
Erdwal Illuminator
Reckless Scholar
Duskwatch Recruiter
Pack Guardian
Veteran Cathar
Bound By Moonsilver
Nearheath Chaplain
Lightning Axe
From Under the Floorboards
Markov Dreadknight
Startled Awake
Welcome to the Fold
Soul Swallower
Ulvenwald Hydra
Drogskol Cavalry
Declaration in Stone
Hanweir Militia Captain
Odric, Lunarch Marshal
Thalia’s Lieutenant
Avacyn’s Judgment
Flameblade Angel
Goldnight Castigator
Sin Prodder
Wolf of Devil’s Breach
Altered Ego
Anguished Unmaking
Slayer’s Plate

Fiery Temper

Uncommon and Rare Tier 3: Worse Than Fiery Temper, Better Than Byway Courier

Call the Bloodline
Gisa’s Bidding
Heir of Falkenrath
Sinister Concoction
Tooth Collector
Aberrant Researcher
Ongoing Investigation
Stitchwing Skaab
Uninvited Geist
Lambholt Pacifist
Moonlight Hunt
Obsessive Skinner
Ulvenwald Mysteries
Town Gossipmonger
Breakneck Rider
Kessig Forgemaster
Malevolent Whispers
Mad Prophet
Skin Invasion
Ulrich’s Kindred
Harvest Hand
Neglected Heirloom
Thraben Gargoyle
Stone Quarry
Forsaken Sanctuary
Foul Orchard
Woodland Stream
Highland Lake
Asylum Visitor
Relentless Dead
Thing in the Ice
Deathcap Cultivator
Inexorable Blob
Silverfur Partisan
Devils’ Playground
Geier Reach Bandit
Tamiyo’s Journal
Port Town
Choked Estuary
Foreboding Ruins
Game Trail
Fortified Village

Byway Courier

Uncommon and Rare Tier 4: Worse Than Byway Courier

Biting Rain
Behind the Scenes
Creeping Dread
Indulgent Aristocrat
Liliana’s Indignation
Morkut Necropod
Olivia’s Bloodsworn
Pale Rider of Trostad
Pick the Brain
Broken Concentration
Daring Sleuth
Compelling Deterrence
Drunau Corpse Trawler
Essence Flux
Fleeting Memories
Invasive Surgery
Manic Scribe
Pore Over the Pages
Rise from the Tides
Trail of Evidence
Autumnal Gloom
Briarbridge Patrol
Cult of the Waxing Moon
Hermit of the Natterknolls
Weirding Wood
Avacynian Missionaries
Gryff’s Boon
Hope Against Hope
Humble the Brute
Not Forgotten
Nahiri’s Machinations
Open the Armory
Paranoid Parish-Blade
Pious Evangel
Reaper of Flight Moonsilver
Spectral Shepherd
Dissension in the Ranks
Dance with Devils
Gibbering Fiend
Incorrigible Youths
Inner Struggle
Ravenous Bloodseeker
Stensia Masquerade
Spiteful Motives
Village Messenger
Haunted Cloak
Epitaph Golem
Magnifying Glass
Murderer’s Axe
Runaway Carriage
Wild-Field Scarecrow
Skeleton Key
Behold the Beyond
Diregraf Colossus
Ever After
To the Slaughter
Confirm Suspicions
Epiphany at the Drownyard
Engulf the Shore
Forgotten Creation
Nephalia Moondrakes
Cryptolith Rite
Sage of Ancient Lore
Second Harvest
Traverse the Ulvenwald
Angel of Deliverance
Eerie Interlude
Harness the Storm
Falkenrath Gorger
Scourge Wolf
Brain in a Jar
Corrupted Grafstone
Drownyard Temple
Fevered Visions
Invocation of Saint Traft
Prized Amalgam


Swiss Tournament Running Software

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Swiss tournament running software that lets players see where they are sitting and who they are playing on their phones.


  • No pairing by hand, no Wizards Event Reporter.
  • Players can see where they are sitting or who they are playing on their phones.
  • Drop, Unpair, Unstart and Add Late Player features.
  • Round timing.
  • Open sourced on github.

I don’t have a hosted version yet and because I work at Facebook (where I use this) I haven’t bothered to set up non-Facebook login. If you’re interested in either of these things let me know at bakert@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.


Legacy and Commander Banned Lists

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Banned in Legacy but not Commander:

  • Bazaar of Baghdad
  • Demonic Consultation
  • Demonic Tutor
  • Dig Through Time
  • Earthcraft
  • Flash
  • Frantic Search
  • Goblin Recruiter
  • Gush
  • Hermit Druid
  • Imperial Seal
  • Mana Crypt
  • Mana Drain
  • Mana Vault
  • Memory Jar
  • Mental Misstep
  • Mind Twist
  • Mind’s Desire
  • Mishra’s Workshop
  • Mystical Tutor
  • Necropotence
  • Oath of Druids
  • Protean Hulk
  • Skullclamp
  • Sol Ring
  • Strip Mine
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Timetwister
  • Treasure Cruise
  • Vampiric Tutor
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Windfall
  • Yawgmoth’s Will

Banned in Commander but not Legacy:

  • Biorhythm
  • Braids, Cabal Minion
  • Coalition Victory
  • Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
  • Erayo, Soratami Ascendant
  • Gifts Ungiven
  • Griselbrand
  • Karakas
  • Limited Resources
  • Painter’s Servant
  • Panoptic Mirror
  • Primeval Titan
  • Recurring Nightmare
  • Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
  • Sundering Titan
  • Sway of the Stars
  • Sylvan Primordial
  • Trade Secrets
  • Upheaval
  • Worldfire

Best Magic Limited Formats By Number of Players

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Always Swiss rounds over single elimination for any format or any number of players.

1 – Magic Online

2, 3 – Winston Draft. Increase play time by allowing players losing matches to add another booster to their pool and rebuild their deck.

4 – Team Rochester Draft with one “invisible” person on each team (first players on each team to finish first match plays the invisible player’s deck). The team picks for the invisible player as if it were a normal team rochester draft.

5 – Team Rochester Draft with one “invisible” person.

6 – Team Booster Draft (scroll down) or Team Rochester Draft.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11 – Booster Draft or Rochester Draft.

12 – Here and above you probably want to split into two or more pods and do multiple of the above. Or a big sealed tournament if you want more rounds.

List of the basics of a lot of formats.


Build Your Own Standard – MTGO Tournament

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I’m running an MTGO tournament for a Build Your Own Standard with the following sets:

7th Edition
Mirrodin Beseiged

but with every card that costs 1 tix or more banned (to make it cheap!)

Full details at demonictutor.ning.com/forum/topics/mtgo-competition


MTGO Keyboard Shortcuts

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Land Use in Standard Constructed

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Lands in the first 120 decks from the new Standard on deckcheck.net

All Land By Type


Basics 808
Filter Lands 398
Painlands 292
Manlands 288
Vivid Lands 284
Tribal Lands 265
Reflecting Pool 200
Trilands 87
Hideaways 75
Other 5

Without basic land

Full Figures

351 Plains
200 Reflecting Pool
166 Island
149 Mutavault
148 Mystic Gate
143 Vivid Creek
136 Sunken Ruins
112 Swamp
106 Vivid Meadow
97 Forest
96 Secluded Glen
88 Underground River
82 Mountain
76 Treetop Village
72 Windbrisk Heights
72 Vivid Grove
65 Flooded Grove
62 Rustic Clachan
62 Gilt-Leaf Palace
57 Adarkar Wastes
55 Llanowar Wastes
55 Faerie Conclave
53 Vivid Marsh
52 Arcane Sanctum
36 Twilight Mire
25 Yavimaya Coast
23 Wooded Bastion
21 Graven Cairns
20 Murmuring Bosk
19 Fetid Heath
18 Fire-Lit Thicket
17 Rugged Prairie
17 Battlefield Forge
16 Sulfurous Springs
16 Wanderwine Hub
15 Cascade Bluffs
14 Seaside Citadel
12 Caves of Koilos
12 Brushland
10 Vivid Crag
9 Savage Lands
9 Auntie’s Hovel
9 Crumbling Necropolis
8 Ghitu Encampment
8 Shivan Reef
3 Mosswort Bridge
2 Karplusan Forest
2 Jungle Shrine
2 Springjack Pasture
1 Jund Panorama
1 Mistveil Plains
1 Shimmering Grotto
1 Ancient Amphitheater
0 Bant Panorama
0 Esper Panorama
0 Forbidding Watchtower
0 Grixis Panorama
0 Howltooth Hollow
0 Leechridden Swamp
0 Madblind Mountain
0 Moonring Island
0 Naya Panorama
0 Primal Beyond
0 Quicksand
0 Sapseep Forest
0 Shelldock Isle
0 Spawning Pool
0 Spinerock Knoll
0 Terramorphic Expanse

See also: Standard-Legal Nonbasic Land

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Standard-Legal Nonbasic Land

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There are 69 land cards in Lorwyn-10th-Shards of Alara standard.


Rare. From 10th Edition. Tap for 1 or for one of two colors dealing one damage to you.

Adarkar Wastes W/U
Battlefield Forge R/W
Brushland G/W
Caves of Koilos WB
Karplusan Forest R/G
Llanowar Wastes B/G
Shivan Reef U/R
Sulfurous Springs B/R
Underground River U/B
Yavimaya Coast G/U

Tribal Lands

Rare. From Lorwyn and Morningtide. Come into play tapped unless you reveal a card with a specific creature type. The five from Lorwyn tap for either of two colors, the three from Morningtide are different.

Ancient Amphitheater R/W Giant
Auntie’s Hovel B/R Goblin
Gilt-Leaf Palace B/G Elf
Murmuring Bosk G Treefolk Tap for W or B and deal 1 damage to you
Primal Beyond 1 Elemental Tap for any color if spending to play Elemental spells or activated abilities
Rustic Clachan W Kithkin Discard and play 1W to put a +1/+1 counter on target creature
Secluded Glen U/B Faerie

Wanderwine Hub W/U Merfolk

Filter Lands

Rare. From Shadowmoor. Tap for 1 or pay one of it’s two colors and tap for any combination of it’s two colors. Example: Cascade Bluffs takes R or U and taps for RR, RU or UU. Graven Cairns was also printed in Time Spiral.

Cascade Bluffs R/U
Fetid Heath W/B
Fire-Lit Thicket R/G
Flooded Grove U/G
Graven Cairns B/R
Mystic Gate W/U
Rugged Prairie R/W
Sunken Ruins U/B
Twilight Mire B/G
Wooded Bastion G/W

Vivid Lands

Uncommon. From Lorwyn. Come into play tapped with two charge counters. Tap one color. Or tap and remove counter for any color.

Vivid Crag R
Vivid Creek U
Vivid Grove G
Vivid Marsh B
Vivid Meadow W


Uncommon. From 10th Edition. Come into play tapped. Tap for one color. Can be animated into a creature of the color that they tap for until end of turn for one colored and 1. Also included here is Mutavault from Morningtide which is Rare not Uncommon, taps for 1 and animates into a 2/2 with all creature types for 1.

Faerie Conclave U 2/1 Faerie with flying
Forbidding Watchtower W 1/5 Soldier
Ghitu Encampment R 2/1 Warrior with first strike
Mutavault 1 2/2 with all creature types
Spawning Pool B 1/1 Skeleton with “B Regenerate this creature”
Treetop Village G 3/3 Ape with trample


Uncommon. From Shards of Alara. Come into play tapped. Tap for one of three colors.

Arcane Sanctum W/U/B
Crumbling Necropolis U/B/R
Jungle Shrine R/G/W
Savage Lands B/R/G
Seaside Citadel G/W/U


Common. From Shards of Alara. Tap for colorless or spend 1 and sacrifice to put one of three basic lands into play tapped.

Bant Panorama G/W/U
Esper Panorama W/U/B
Grixis Panorama U/B/R
Jund Panorama B/R/G
Naya Panorama R/G/W


Rare. From Lorwyn. Come into play tapped with a hidden card (from top four of library) under it. Tap for one color. Under specific conditions the card under the land can be played at no cost at instant speed.

Howltooth Hollow B No player has any cards in hand
Mosswort Bridge G Creatures you control have total 10 power of greater
Shelldock Isle U A library has 20 or fewer cards in it
Spinerock Knoll R Opponent was dealt seven or more damage this turn
Windbrisk Heights W Attacked with three or more creatures this turn

Utility Lands

Uncommon. From Shadowmoor. Come into play tapped. Tap for one color. Have an ability that can be played by tapping and for one colored mana if you control 2 or more permanents of the color..

Leechridden Swamp B Each opponent loses 1 life
Madblind Mountain R Shuffle your library
Mistveil Plains W Put card from your graveyard on the bottom of your library
Moonring Island U Look at top card of target player’s library
Sapseep Forest G Gain 1 life


Reflecting Pool Shadowmoor Rare. Tap for one mana of any type that a land you control could produce
Quicksand 10th Edition Uncommon. 1 or sacrifice to give non-flying creature -1/-2 until end of turn
Shimmering Grotto Tap for 1 or pay 1 to tap for any color
Springjack Pasture Eventide Rare. Tap for 1, pay 4 and tap to put a 0/1 white Goat into play, or tap and sacrifice X Goats: Add X mana of any one color to your mana pool and gain X life.
Terramorphic Expanse 10th Edition Common. Cannot tap for mana, tap and sacrifice to search for a basic land and put into play tapped.