Standard-Legal Nonbasic Land

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There are 69 land cards in Lorwyn-10th-Shards of Alara standard.


Rare. From 10th Edition. Tap for 1 or for one of two colors dealing one damage to you.

Adarkar Wastes W/U
Battlefield Forge R/W
Brushland G/W
Caves of Koilos WB
Karplusan Forest R/G
Llanowar Wastes B/G
Shivan Reef U/R
Sulfurous Springs B/R
Underground River U/B
Yavimaya Coast G/U

Tribal Lands

Rare. From Lorwyn and Morningtide. Come into play tapped unless you reveal a card with a specific creature type. The five from Lorwyn tap for either of two colors, the three from Morningtide are different.

Ancient Amphitheater R/W Giant
Auntie’s Hovel B/R Goblin
Gilt-Leaf Palace B/G Elf
Murmuring Bosk G Treefolk Tap for W or B and deal 1 damage to you
Primal Beyond 1 Elemental Tap for any color if spending to play Elemental spells or activated abilities
Rustic Clachan W Kithkin Discard and play 1W to put a +1/+1 counter on target creature
Secluded Glen U/B Faerie

Wanderwine Hub W/U Merfolk

Filter Lands

Rare. From Shadowmoor. Tap for 1 or pay one of it’s two colors and tap for any combination of it’s two colors. Example: Cascade Bluffs takes R or U and taps for RR, RU or UU. Graven Cairns was also printed in Time Spiral.

Cascade Bluffs R/U
Fetid Heath W/B
Fire-Lit Thicket R/G
Flooded Grove U/G
Graven Cairns B/R
Mystic Gate W/U
Rugged Prairie R/W
Sunken Ruins U/B
Twilight Mire B/G
Wooded Bastion G/W

Vivid Lands

Uncommon. From Lorwyn. Come into play tapped with two charge counters. Tap one color. Or tap and remove counter for any color.

Vivid Crag R
Vivid Creek U
Vivid Grove G
Vivid Marsh B
Vivid Meadow W


Uncommon. From 10th Edition. Come into play tapped. Tap for one color. Can be animated into a creature of the color that they tap for until end of turn for one colored and 1. Also included here is Mutavault from Morningtide which is Rare not Uncommon, taps for 1 and animates into a 2/2 with all creature types for 1.

Faerie Conclave U 2/1 Faerie with flying
Forbidding Watchtower W 1/5 Soldier
Ghitu Encampment R 2/1 Warrior with first strike
Mutavault 1 2/2 with all creature types
Spawning Pool B 1/1 Skeleton with “B Regenerate this creature”
Treetop Village G 3/3 Ape with trample


Uncommon. From Shards of Alara. Come into play tapped. Tap for one of three colors.

Arcane Sanctum W/U/B
Crumbling Necropolis U/B/R
Jungle Shrine R/G/W
Savage Lands B/R/G
Seaside Citadel G/W/U


Common. From Shards of Alara. Tap for colorless or spend 1 and sacrifice to put one of three basic lands into play tapped.

Bant Panorama G/W/U
Esper Panorama W/U/B
Grixis Panorama U/B/R
Jund Panorama B/R/G
Naya Panorama R/G/W


Rare. From Lorwyn. Come into play tapped with a hidden card (from top four of library) under it. Tap for one color. Under specific conditions the card under the land can be played at no cost at instant speed.

Howltooth Hollow B No player has any cards in hand
Mosswort Bridge G Creatures you control have total 10 power of greater
Shelldock Isle U A library has 20 or fewer cards in it
Spinerock Knoll R Opponent was dealt seven or more damage this turn
Windbrisk Heights W Attacked with three or more creatures this turn

Utility Lands

Uncommon. From Shadowmoor. Come into play tapped. Tap for one color. Have an ability that can be played by tapping and for one colored mana if you control 2 or more permanents of the color..

Leechridden Swamp B Each opponent loses 1 life
Madblind Mountain R Shuffle your library
Mistveil Plains W Put card from your graveyard on the bottom of your library
Moonring Island U Look at top card of target player’s library
Sapseep Forest G Gain 1 life


Reflecting Pool Shadowmoor Rare. Tap for one mana of any type that a land you control could produce
Quicksand 10th Edition Uncommon. 1 or sacrifice to give non-flying creature -1/-2 until end of turn
Shimmering Grotto Tap for 1 or pay 1 to tap for any color
Springjack Pasture Eventide Rare. Tap for 1, pay 4 and tap to put a 0/1 white Goat into play, or tap and sacrifice X Goats: Add X mana of any one color to your mana pool and gain X life.
Terramorphic Expanse 10th Edition Common. Cannot tap for mana, tap and sacrifice to search for a basic land and put into play tapped.
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